Still learning with my new
by practising. This time, the photos are from Zaragoza,
where I went on October 12th (a holiday here in Spain) for some action, since the
city was in party because of the Fiestas del Pilar.

I was testing taking photos with the manual mode, so the photos are quite far from
perfect (too much light), but I think I am starting, little by little, to use all the
advanced features of the camera. I wanted to get into the Basílica del Pilar
for some nice photos of the inside, which is just splendid, but since October 12th is a
religious day in Zaragoza, there was too many people around, so didn’t even try to get

The other photos I took, along with others I took other days, are here

For examples of how many bad photos I’ve taken while practising, see here.
Those are photos I took during a basketball game (Lagun Aro Bilbao vs Pau Orthez of France
in Tudela). As you can see, almost none of the photos are good :( At that time, I didn’t
know about the settings of my camera specific to taking snapshots of sports or moving
people. Now I think I know how to do it correctly, let’s see next time.