GNOME Local Groups

you are right, I completely forgot about organizing events, which is indeed the best thing
since, as you said, you get to know in person the people on the IRC channel, and that
makes a better relationship. Indeed, the success of the small-but-very-active group of hackers
in GNOME Hispano is due to us knowing each other quite well, and having been together for
hours, in conferences and bars. So indeed, one thing to do, once there’s enough people to
meet together, is to do some meetings regularly. The GNOME Hispano people from Chile started doing hackers meeting
(5 so far) and we copied them here in Spain (2 so far), which have helped a lot in
getting new people to collaborate in some projects.

Luis: good idea
having some documentation on creating local groups, so I’ve now created a new page at
live.gnome.org. Sven, Ronald, and
others, please help me completing it.