Finally recovered

Coming back from
this time has been the hardest thing I’ve done in a long time.
Relaxing and disconnecting from daily life was so easy in Egypt that coming back to my normal
technology-driven life has been quite difficult. But now, at last, I am fully
recovered. This means that I’ll probably do, in the following days, all the things
that I should have done all this time, like releasing libgda and libgnomedb 1.2 and
Nettool 1.0

Three Wise Men

Thanks Fernando
for asking the Three Wise Men for a driving license for me. I was indeed going to start
going to the driving lessons, but now I’ll wait till January the 6th to see if the
Three Wise Men are really that wise and bring it for me, saving me a lot of money.
Also, since Fernando didn’t ask anything for himself, I’ll do it myself: Dear
Three Wise Men, bring Fernando a bigger house for doing parties