Was last week, accompanied by Yolanda, in Boston for some meeting action with the NLD team. Was very nice to
come back to Boston after 3 years from my last
, so managed to see for the first time the new office and see again
many of the Ximian/Novell hackers (who fortunately I see more often in conferences).
Also very nice to see again Gonzalo, of Mono and GNOME-DB hacking fame, who has moved
to the US to live the American dream.
Team dinner at Boston
Didn’t take many photos, since I didn’t visit the city too much, given that the hotel
was just 100 meters away from the office, but I got at least one from one of the team
dinners we had. That was on the first day, to some place whose name I don’t remember.
The second day we went to an Indian place, which I wanted to to start getting used
to the delicious Indian food for my upcoming trip there. The third day, we went,
per JP‘s request, we
went to Cuchi Cuchi, a so-called Spanish place, but which had food from lots of
places in the world, and a few typical Spanish dishes, but was pretty nice overall.

But the best thing was the chef Nat
had hired for the week, who cooked delicious crêpes every morning. He even cooked, after
seeing there was a Spanish guy in the crowd, some Spanish omelettes. Go Nat Go!

New York

On Thursday evening, we flew to New
to stay there for a couple of nights before coming back to Spain. On the
New York
plane to New York from Boston, tired as I was, I was not feeling very happy about the visit
to NY, but once I got there, I was so impressed by the city that I’ve come back home
loving it. I wouldn’t live there, since it is too huge and chaotic, but it is really impressive, with
all the huge buildings all over and all kinds of people from everywhere in the world.


Without even being recovered from this last trip, I’m preparing my next trip, in a couple of
weeks, to India, to see the Novell Bangalore guys. I am really excited about visiting India,
but not so much about getting on another plane (or couple of) for 10/12 hours. That is what
sucks about travelling (apart, of course, as Federico
, from missing your loved ones :), since, for me, getting for so many hours in
2 m2 is a torture, specially if flying alone, which
I’ll do when going to India. I just hope that with all the vaccinations I am getting for
going there would make me inmune to the plane suffering.