The 2nd GUADEC-ES is
approaching. I saw yesterday a first version of the talks, and I was impressed by
all the good people that are giving talks in CoruÃ&plusmm;a. AFAIK, the final version will
be available soon.

The dates of this GUADEC-ES were selected to make it easier for people to attend it
before the big GUADEC, so if
you plan to hang around some time in Europe as part of your GUADEC trip, please
stop by. Even if you don’t want to attend the conferences, CoruÃ&plusmm;a is a very nice city,
in the northwest of Spain, where you’ll find lots of nice people and delicious food
and wine. There will be also a visit to Santiago, city very close to CoruÃ&plusmm;a, which
has been the destination of millions of people throughout the centuries, since it
is the end of the pilgrim’s road to Santiago de Compostela, and which
is one of the most beautifuls I’ve ever visited (with the permission of Granada).

Also, related to this, Igalia,
a company located in CoruÃ&plusmm;a that helps in the organization of the GUADEC-ES, have just
launched their Community
, where they host their Free Software projects, whose star is, IMO,
, an enterprise-ready (it’s being used, IIRC, in some medium sized companies
in CoruÃ&plusmm;a) ERP that uses GNOME technologies (libgda, ORBit, GTK+, …).