I made yesterday a week in India and although I really wanted to blog more about it,
lack of time has prevented me from doing it. But better comes late than ever, so here are
a few facts about my stay here, which will continue till next Friday. For photos, look

  • The most funny way of transport in Bangalore are autorickshaws,

    a kind of mixture between a Vespa and a car, which you can find by thousands. They
    don’t get too much speed, but enough to get you scared the first time you get them.
    Once the initial surprise goes over, you start to like getting into them. Apart
    from that, going over the traffic in Bangalore is an experience in itself, specially
    when being a pedestrian and want to cross the street. At those times, before you
    get used to the way of crossing streets here, you really are afraid of your life. As
    with autorickshaws, once you get used, it’s as easy as any other thing you would do.
  • All food is spicey, which is great if you like it, which I do. You have to take care
    though of what you eat, since there are bacterias all over, specially in salads.
    Michael Zucchi can confirm it, since he just had some intestinal infection because
    of something he ate, and is staying sick at the hotel. Don’t worry though, today he
    was much better, and hopefully tomorrow will be able to come back to work.
  • All software companies (or at least the most important ones) have their own shuttle
    buses that pick employees up in many parts of the city to get them to their offices.
    This is, of course, the case for Novell, which has many different buses.

    It is indeed nice, not only because it feels good to go around the city on a bus
    with the Novell logo on it (and watching other companies’ around), but because it
    makes you avoid getting into the highly crowded buses of the city.
  • As part of my transition work from the Evolution team to the Desktop team, I’ve been
    writing a lot of documentation. First, some calendar
    architecture docs
    (yeah, at last!). Then, I’ve been documenting all the
    calendar API in Evolution Data Server, which should not only help the new Evolution
    calendar team, but anyone wanting to use E-D-S’s calendar APIs. Now, if I could get
    damn gtk-doc to build them correctly, they would have been published now for a few days.
    So, for the time being, they don’t get generated correctly, but really, believe me,
    the APIs are now documented, you can check that I’m saying the truth by looking at
    the source code.