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William Jon McCann, gnome-screensaver maintainer, has added a new theme that provides a slideshow of images. To provide a good set of defaults, we are going to add a few default slideshows (Cosmos, Forest, and Beach). For cosmos, we have been getting images from NASA, which, AFAIK, are in the public domain and available for use (please correct me someone if that’s not true). For forest and beach slideshows, we need pictures, so this is a CFP (Call For Pictures) from people about forests and beaches.

We have decided on a small condition for each one:

  • For beach pictures, they should be very relaxing.
  • For forest pictures, they should be somewhat mysterious.

So, if you have good photos with these requirements, and provided the photos are yours and you really want to donate them for the GNOME cause to be included in gnome-screensaver, please add a comment here with a link to the picture.

Also, it would be really nice to have some cairo/glitz expert to help in improving the code for the slideshow theme, optimizing and animating (pan and zoom) the slideshow. The code is in gnome-screensaver CVS module.

44 thoughts on “GNOME Screensaver slideshows”

  1. (forest, but in fall, so might not fit in with a ‘green’ forest theme)

    Still can’t find decent beach pics… I think maybe my ‘growing up in miami’ means I think beaches are boring and so I haven’t taken any decent pictures :)

    Also, the HEAD code doesn’t seem to work for me- I hardcoded my pictures directory but it doesn’t seem to find any of the pictures in it. Realistically, BTW, this will probably need to be a gconf setting- too many people picking too many different places, you can maybe guess at a few and pop up a question if it isn’t in one of the guessed places, but that’ll still only catcha small number- and I guess it’ll have a lot of false positives too. :/

  2. Sorry – the above were all taken by me, and I can release them under creative commons (preferred) or just into the public domain if that’s preferred. – chris

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