Libro GNOME 0.0.3

Slowly but without stop, the team working on the GNOME Programming Book in Spanish have just published the version 0.0.3 of the book.

Although still missing a few parts, the book is now in a state where it can serve as a perfect base for learning GTK/GNOME programming. The GTK part should be now complete, as well as some other parts, like GConf, GnomeVFS, CORBA, Glade/libglade,… Also, what is interesting about this book is that most content has been written by the team working on the book, it’s not just a translation.

As always, the team need help, so if you can read Spanish, please have a look at the book and report any bug you find. If you can write Spanish and know about GTK/GNOME programming, please join the team.

Also, we want to publish the book sometime in the future, so if there’s any publisher around reading this interested in this book, please get in contact, we’ll be glad to have it published :)

The official announcement, in Barrapunto is here.