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As part of my call for UNIX power for desktop, one of the best proposals, IMO, was Nautilus-Actions. The idea behind it is to avoid the need for writing 10s of Nautilus plugins, by letting the users extend the Nautilus context menus as they wish. So, after a few weeks, and a lot of work from Frederic Ruaudel, the man behind Nautilus-Actions, it is looking now great.

First, it adds a new item to the Nautilus context menu, from which you can add, edit, remove actions:

From this last window, you can configure the details of the actions, which will show up in the menu as soon as you add it.

As it is shown in this screenshot, you can configure all details related to the action, to specify for which combination of files/folders, file patterns and network schemes should the action be shown on the Nautilus context menu.

Looks good, eh? Kudos to Frederic!

7 thoughts on “Nautilus Actions”

  1. This is absolutely smashing. I found nautilus-actions a few days ago and used it to hook up gnome-obex-send for sending files via bluetooth. The gnome bluetooth support and nautilus have been out of step for a while, and the only way to get it working was to recompile nautilus and the sendto-bluetooth and abandon updating nautilus via apt-get. Not a pretty situation to be in. So my hat is well and truely off to these guys, this is a beautiful simple solution to a range of annoying problems.

  2. Cool!
    This could have a litle ‘regex-generator’ gui associated to the “file pattern” field. But maybe I’m wanting too much :P … At least, this would be reapreveited in a lot of other projects.
    Sub-categories (or tags as in epiphany :)) in the second window, to organize the actions, would be util too.

  3. Is there not a way of doing this that doesn’t clutter the menus? The context menus in Nautilus are already cluttered with enough crap as it is.

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