Roberto Heras’ doping

The B sample test of Roberto Heras confirmed the doping :( It is indeed quite strange, since the sample is from the last important stage (a time trial), when he had almost 5 minutes of difference with the second rider, so, even though Roberto is worst in time trial than Denis Menchov (the 2nd), I’m sure he was not going to lose 4/5 minutes. So yeah, quite strange why he would have used doping that day when he had all set for winning his 4th Vuelta, if he really did. Or maybe he didn’t?

In any case, bad news for cycling.

2 thoughts on “Roberto Heras’ doping”

  1. The effects of EPO stays in the body for a while. He could have been doped in the middle of the race, and the traces will still be there.

    The link you provide to question the judgment only contains the opinion of the rider and his team. No wonder they disagrees.

    Without knowing the case in details, I don’t find it bad news for cycling, that the riders who uses doping is caught. It’s a good sign that they’re doing something.

  2. Yes, but since he was leader for a few days, he had doping tests all days (the leaders and the winners of each stage must pass the doping test in each stage), so, if he had taken EPO before, it would have shown up in all those previous tests, right?

    And it’s sad because a guy who was a “hero” and an example for many people, included children, seems to have been fake.

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