Alo’s children grow quick

I was reading my newsfeeds in liferea and started seeing a lot of entries from alo, quite surprised of how many entries in a row he had posted and how much his English had improved. I even noticed some change in his personality in all these posts. But suddenly I got to this one, and at that moment I even fall of the chair! Alo with 2 children, and I didn’t know!

So, yeah, needs a fix, Alo denied the news, he has no children yet and his English is good, but not so much.

One thought on “Alo’s children grow quick”

  1. Actually, it isn’t a problem, but a one.

    It is running Roller Weblogger Version: 2.1-incubating, so I bet that was the problem. I have contacted the maintainers in order to let them know about this issue.

    I’m very sorry (and ashamed!!) for filling out with other people blog entries in my name. In my defense I have to say that it wasn’t my fault 🙁

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