Since I bought my bike, I’ve been riding a lot around the infinite paths there are around Peralta, and took some photos of some very nice places, like the view of the Arga and the Aragón rivers getting mixed in their way to the Ebro (a few kms away from the point where the photo was shot):

Or the Peñalén:

Doing so, I’ve also found lots of new friends:

I’ve also just uploaded all the photos we took last Easter, when our friend Conchi came to visit us. We went, with Uxue and Pato (although Pato is on none of the photos, he didn’t want to get shot :), to the “Venta de Juan Pito”, a restaurant in the Pyrenees, surrounded by huge mountains and where you can eat lots of home-made food for very little money. We had “migas”, “alubias” and then some meat, to finish so full that we needed to walk around a little bit before getting into the car.


So, I’m now the happy owner of this:

The first 200 kms I’ve done have been a good exercise, since even though I had been riding motos for over 10 years (from 10/11 years old to 21), last time was a long time ago, so I really needed practising. I feel confident in most places, except when going down mountain roads, where I felt a bit insecure, specially having 2/3 cars behind me. So more practising needed there. Specially since this bike, from what I’ve seen so far, performs much better in that kind of roads.

About off-road, I haven’t done much, just a little bit around my house, where there are some short paths. This following weekend I’ll do some more, since there are lots of places around Peralta that I’ve never been (because of being off-road and too far away for walking) which I’ll be visiting in the next few months.

My photos

I received this morning a mail from a guy from Colombia asking for permission for using my photos from Alexandria, to be used as part of the events for the ‘Books capital of the world’, which will be Bogotá next year. It seems they are going to use them to illustrate the cities that were Books capital of the world in previous years, which is a big honor for me. Even though my photos have no license specified, I think the best is to use Creative Commons License, so from now on, all my photos are officially under that license :) Thus, I just told the guy to just include my name in the photo credits and to link to my website, where the ‘originals’ are. That’s enough, right?