So, I’m now the happy owner of this:

The first 200 kms I’ve done have been a good exercise, since even though I had been riding motos for over 10 years (from 10/11 years old to 21), last time was a long time ago, so I really needed practising. I feel confident in most places, except when going down mountain roads, where I felt a bit insecure, specially having 2/3 cars behind me. So more practising needed there. Specially since this bike, from what I’ve seen so far, performs much better in that kind of roads.

About off-road, I haven’t done much, just a little bit around my house, where there are some short paths. This following weekend I’ll do some more, since there are lots of places around Peralta that I’ve never been (because of being off-road and too far away for walking) which I’ll be visiting in the next few months.

5 thoughts on “Motos”

  1. Have fun but I’d strongly encourage you to keep your motorbike on paths created for that purpose. Off-roaders in North America cause a lot of damage to sensitive ecosystems, ruining the homes of animals and destroying the outdoor experience for hikers, birders, and other quiet, slow folk.

  2. Oh yes, of course! I love the nature, and that’s why I live in a village, surrounded by mountains :), so don’t worry, I’ll put all my energy in not ruining anything.

    You are right that lots of people feel no respect at all. Some people just think the mountain is just like a mall, throwing bottles, cans, papers, etc, to the mountain.

  3. No 🙂 this bike doesn’t get too much speed, it’s mainly good for paths, mountain roads, a city. So, to go to Vilanova, I would have to either get to the motorway, very dangerous, given that this bike just gets 120 km/h as top speed, and I would have to run at 100 km/h all the time, with cars, trucks, buses passing me at 120 km/h or more. Or, I could get to secondary roads, which means expendings lots of time to get to Vilanova.

    By train it just gets 3.5 hours, and it’s more comfortable 🙂

  4. Why did you start your blog post with “so”? It makes no sense gramatically. Try removing the “so” and you’ll see that your sentence works just as well and is also gramatically correct.

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