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I received this morning a mail from a guy from Colombia asking for permission for using my photos from Alexandria, to be used as part of the events for the ‘Books capital of the world’, which will be Bogotá next year. It seems they are going to use them to illustrate the cities that were Books capital of the world in previous years, which is a big honor for me. Even though my photos have no license specified, I think the best is to use Creative Commons License, so from now on, all my photos are officially under that license 🙂 Thus, I just told the guy to just include my name in the photo credits and to link to my website, where the ‘originals’ are. That’s enough, right?

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  1. Er, you probably get this, but just in case, you need to pick a specific CC license. You sound like you want

    Then, put the cc info/link on your photos page. Of course, you can just wait until people contact you and then tell them – the whole point of the CC license is just to make it obvious, so the columbia guy wouldn’t have to contact you, since you’ve already made clear the terms under which you’d share your photos.

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