World domination

Very interesting read from Federico. And I am happy to say one of the complains spotted in that doc:

It would be nice if there was a system-wide notification option, so we could send /etc/motd to every user logging in

is already implemented. There’s even a bug about it. It just needs to be committed to CVS/SVN.

Another one:

An application like kwrited. No, seriously, GNOMErs on my company don’t get notified by shutdown +nn or wall unless they have open terminals

It seems pretty trivial to me to add that to the motd implementation and use the same notification mechanism.

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  1. Hola Rodrigo, heheheem, si bien no recuerdo si la primera sugerencia la hice yo (aunque muerto de risa podrĂ­a haber sido yo), estoy SEGURISIMO de que la segunda es mia :-D


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