Control Center patch party

After all the hard work we’ve spent on the new control-center shell, there are though still lots of unreviewed patches in Bugzilla. And since feature freeze is approaching, we have decided to do a Control Center patch party tomorrow (Saturday 6th January) at 5PM UTC on the #control-center channel at

Most important patches to discuss are the ones related with the shell categories (we need a gnome-menus maintainer to settle this down) and THE BUG, but there are lots more. So if you are interested in cleaning up all the rough edges, please join us.

4 thoughts on “Control Center patch party”

  1. hejhej.
    sorted by importance:

    #1 – more than 100 crasher dups, two-liner patch.

    #2 , and – 65 dups.

    #3 looks like it would only need some small rework, but i guess that lucas (who wrote that patch) is busy himself so he won’t come up with an updated patch within the next days…

    #4 , but rodrigo is already dealing with that (thanks).

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