Control center plans

At last GUADEC, we had a Control Center meeting to decide, first, the most urgent things for the upcoming GNOME 2.20, and, second, to raise some ideas about capplets organization. Further discussion is taking place in the control-center mailing list, in case anyone is interested.

We are looking for ways to reduce the number of capplets, not just for the sake of it, but because there seems to be confusion and duplication (see the several “Keyboard*” capplets, for instance) in what we have right now. So, if anyone has anything interesting to add, please join the discussion.

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  1. Hmm, would have like to be at that meeting… I hadn’t looked at the control center shell in a while and actually found it kind of scary when I opened it on Friday :/ But I know that’s no help without concrete suggestions, so I really hope I can find some time to contribute constructively here…

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