Last night I watched quite a good film (the best comedy probably I’ve watched in a long time) that I’d like to recommend. It’s Kung fu (Kung-Fu-Sion called in the “Spanish” translation), and is a Chinese comedy with lots of very good martial arts fighting, and with some scenes very very funny. I had a good laugh watching it.

6 thoughts on “Kung-fu-sion”

  1. Man, you’ve got me interested but I realized that Kung Fu is another title for Kung Fu Hustle (international/english). For a moment I thought I missed some good chinese comedy 🙂
    And another recommendation for Once Upon a Time in China, really good movies but rather different, they’re more fighting/action/kung-fu than comedy. If you liked Kung Fu Hustle though I must recommend most of the Stephen Chow’s comedies, especially Shaolin Soccer, you’re laugh your a** off, I’m smiling just thinking about that movie 😀
    Greetings from Planet Gnome reader.

  2. Yep, that thing is really creative. I felt it was like a mixture of Jackie Chan, The Matrix, and a romance :-). And really pleasant to watch.

  3. Yeah, just watched this last week. Even though this was the second time I watch it, still extremely funny and entertaining. You can see the traces of the Raiders of the Lost Arc in there somewhere. Kung Fu is really a strong part of the Chinese fiction and genre. keep the imagination going. It is different from ‘Superman’, often some of these Kung Fu people gained superpower only after some hard works and trials, a reflection of the Chinese culture and mentality :).

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