Last night I watched quite a good film (the best comedy probably I’ve watched in a long time) that I’d like to recommend. It’s Kung fu (Kung-Fu-Sion called in the “Spanish” translation), and is a Chinese comedy with lots of very good martial arts fighting, and with some scenes very very funny. I had a good laugh watching it.


Watched a few more films this weekend, worth mentioning. First, watched El Lobo, one of the few films about ETA (the Basque separatist terrorist group) I’ve ever seen. Based on real facts, it is about a guy infiltrated in the terrorist group, during the last years of the dictature in Spain. Also re-watched a couple of films I had already seen years ago: Aguirre, The wrath of God, quite good, as I remembered it, and The Visitors, not as funny as the first time I saw it, but funny after all.

Long time no blog

Not many exciting things have happened since I last bloged, but some of them are worth mentioning.

University: I talked some time ago with Javier Ros, from the Universidad Pública de Navarra about doing Free Software-related tutorials with the students. A few weeks ago, he told me some students were interested in a GTK course, so asked me if I could do it, which, of course, I accepted. So, since then, an evening per week, I’ve got 17/18 pupils (10 from the University, the rest being teachers in High Schools and Free Software lovers) and so far it seems to go ok, with people really interested in learning GTK.

Films: I’ve been getting up to date with some films I hadn’t watched yet, like Dark City (very good), The 6th day (not bad, good beginning, but, as with all Arnold’s films, with an expected end), Deathwatch and The Last Samurai (which indeed I didn’t watch till the end, since I didn’t like much the beginning, or my mood wasn’t very good, can’t remember exactly). I’ve been also rewatching one of my favorites TV comedies, Red Dwarf, from the BBC, which I suggest everyone to watch, if not already. Still left some films to watch, like Kill Bill 1 & 2 and Star Wars III (yeah, I know I’m one of the few humans not having watched them yet).

Linux in bars: I know, like most people involved in Free Software, how it’s been penetrating in the markets in the last few years, so finding people use it should not be a surprise. But still, when I see it “live”, I can’t stand becoming surprised and excited, like last Monday, when I saw, in a bar where I use to go, which was closed due to reforms for a few weeks, the new OS (they used Windows before) they were using in the PC that plays the music in the bar. Yeah, it was Linux, running XFCE, but don’t worry, I know the owners so I’ll be pushing for a switch to GNOME 🙂

Health: I’ve been visiting the dentist 3 times in the last 10 days or so, and will be going a couple times more in the next few weeks 🙁 So, yeah, not exciting at all.