PulseAudio for openSUSE 11.0

In the last few days, we have been working on packaging PulseAudio for openSUSE Factory (what will be openSUSE 11.0), and here are the first results. This page contains instructions on how to run and test it, and Cyberorg‘s blog contains more information and screenshots.

This starts to mark the end of our beloved esound, although GNOME still needs some work, which is one of our next steps, helping upstream GNOME in fixing all the issues.

One thought on “PulseAudio for openSUSE 11.0”

  1. It will be a wonderful day when using upstream Gnome when I plug in usb headset the system will either
    a) ask whether I want to use it (always from now on?) as default device
    b) just use it if I have selected “always prefer this device” earlier

    ! :P

    Pleasepleasepleaseplease! Upstream! Yesterday!

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