Syncing Evolution contacts to Ubuntu One

The other day was about Tomboy notes, today, Evolution contacts syncing to Ubuntu One!

For the basic setup, see this tutorial. So, once you have contacts in the Evolution CouchDB Ubuntu One addressbook, syncing to Ubuntu One happens automatically:

The same contacts show up automatically in the Ubuntu One web UI:

Now, we just need to get mobile devices (N900, Android, etc) to sync contacts there also, and your contacts would be everywhere you need them!

Enjoy it!

9 thoughts on “Syncing Evolution contacts to Ubuntu One”

  1. gmail/google contacts –> Evolution –> Ubuntu One..

    your solution in this post does save to Android. 😉 so they would be everywhere…

    Assuming there is a google contacts import in Evolution.. im sure there is..

  2. Rodrigo: that sounds great!

    For one reason or another, I am not too happy to use Google as a middle man for everything: they get enough data from me in searches 🙂

    Ideally, I’d have all this technology on my own server, but having my data on U1 beats having it on Google anytime 😉

  3. Is Contact sync on Android actually being worked on or is it just wishful thinking? Using copy/paste between Ubuntu One and Google contacts isn’t really convenient.

  4. Daniel, it’s still a wishful thinking, but I hope we will be able to work on it soon, if not, anyone can take the challenge 😀

    and yes, there is a google contacts import in Evolution

  5. @Daniel:

    Not sure if this is what you want, but after I upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10, I gave Evolution another try. Evolution now has built-in support for syncing (2-way) with Google contacts. So, all you have to do is get contacts out of the CouchDB (Ubuntu One) addressbook and into the Google one (if you set it up).

    You could drop and drag inside of Evolution, or maybe work something up yourself. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty close, IMO.

  6. @sirblackheart: we are not planning to do it for Thunderbird for the time being, but I’d be glad to assist anyone who wants to work on it to make it

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