05 Jan 2004

Ok, that’s my first post on a blog … I’ve just opened an account on advogato, and now I can post on Planet Debian 🙂

This evening I’ve worked on some Gnome packages. Rebuilt totem in a debug version (unstriped) for a bug report on bugzilla, then checked the problem with glade-2 (4 bugs reports about some XML problems) … it’s (again) due to the missing xml catalog so I’ve forward the bug to docbook-xml. Debian really need a working xml catalog for sarge !

I’ve also updated gdesklets-data, but since my GPG key is still outdated (the expiration date has been reached during the servers’ hacks, and I’m waiting to have it updated for more than a month now …) I can’t upload it. So Jordi Mallach is uploading it for me … thanks Jordi! And I’ve just installed gnome-blog on Jordi’s advice, seems to be a nice way to post on a blog … I hope it’ll work and post this message on the right place (should be ok if you can read it) 🙂

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