15 Jan 2004

Back from Paris where I was for work. A pretty hard problem to solve with NFS (connect error on some requests).

In fact the client doesn’t receive server’s replies on port 623 … the packets are on the network (according to network analyses) but not on the tcpdump output ! After some investigations, the problem is due to intel gigabyte cards which use port 623 for some extras function (as a serial connexion on the card) and just keep all the packets on this port … so linux never receive any packet here.

Setting a TCP and a UDP server on port 623 is enough to prevent NFS to use it (NFS client send uses 600-1024 port range) and to fix the problem (… but really a hack). Does somebody know a better way to do this ?

Enough with the job. After some days away from the PC I’ve a lot of mail to read … and also some new bugs to deal with, it will do some work for the week end!.

Nice to see that some new gnome’s packages are in testing, and that dh_conf is in debhelper now (thanks to ross)!

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