05 Feb 2004

Update of rubrica and gcalctool packages to new versions.

After that I’ve worked on a first version of blam! package (a RSS aggregator using mono/gnome-sharp). Not really a success …

$ ldd /usr/bin/blam not a dynamic executable

So, no automatic Depends ….

Next step, the first start :

$ blam ** (Blam:4790): WARNING **: Failed to load library ./libsqlite.so (sqlite): ./libsqlite.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

$ dpkg -l libsqlite0 ii  libsqlite0     2.8.9-3        SQLite shared library

blam wants the .so file … so it depends on libsqlite0-dev (yes, you need a -dev package to run it …).

After installing libsqlite0-dev it works fine (there is some warning displays in the console but that works pretty fine).

Hum … and if somebody has an idea for the long description of the package it’d be nice :)

03 Feb 2004

This night some new package have been accepted. Now mono, gtk-sharp and hal are in the archive!

Nice nice nice :)

Hum, I’m using gnome-blog-poster to write here, but apparently the title field is not considered (or not displayed on advogato/debian planet), weird …

02 Feb 2004

Still trying to have the Gnome part of the BTS in a good state. This WE I’ve almost checked all the rhythmbox bugs staying here, forwarded a bunch in bugzilla and help walters to catch the problem with some m3u playlists. After that I’ve looked on metacity and nautilus bugs and updated some packages.

I’ve also started to look on mlview‘s code and made a small patch. The code is very clear and nice … dodji is really doing a amazing job here, I hope mlview will become soon a reference in the XML edition!

Today a new docbook-xml providing the support for xml catalog has been uploaded. It was a feature missing for a while, and having for sarge it really nice. Thanks guys for your work on this!