05 Feb 2004

Update of rubrica and gcalctool packages to new versions.

After that I’ve worked on a first version of blam! package (a RSS aggregator using mono/gnome-sharp). Not really a success …

$ ldd /usr/bin/blam not a dynamic executable

So, no automatic Depends ….

Next step, the first start :

$ blam ** (Blam:4790): WARNING **: Failed to load library ./libsqlite.so (sqlite): ./libsqlite.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

$ dpkg -l libsqlite0 ii  libsqlite0     2.8.9-3        SQLite shared library

blam wants the .so file … so it depends on libsqlite0-dev (yes, you need a -dev package to run it …).

After installing libsqlite0-dev it works fine (there is some warning displays in the console but that works pretty fine).

Hum … and if somebody has an idea for the long description of the package it’d be nice 🙂

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