22 Mar 2004

Just had a gtk+2.4 debian package working after 2 days of crash for all gtk+ apps. The gtk+ build on my system links with libXft 1 and 2 … I don’t know exactly why, it seems to be a libtool problem.

BTW a pbuilder build and it works fine. I’m uploading a first package in experimental now, so we can go ahead and start to package gnome2.6. This package has some little problems (basically the faq and tutorial html files are missing from the -doc … the build-depends need to be checked) but we need it to work, so it’ll be fixed later in a -2.

Other good point on the debian gnome packaging, the new #gnome-debian chan has a lot of activity. A bunch of new members are helping, that’s really good!

Now we have a new Gnome 2.6 status page with a really cool logo, thanks handball 🙂

Ok, and the gtk+2.4 upload is now completed 🙂

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