More SVN Woes

SVN continues to annoy me. The only thing it’s allowed me to do that CVS didn’t is move files. The cost of this convenience has been a massive loss of productivity, because it doesn’t allow me to easily perform the actions that I need to do frequently.

Last time I complained about SVN, it had to do with the fact that SVN doesn’t actually have branches or tags. Today’s annoyance boils down to the same basic problem, though it’s manifested differently.

This is what I would do in CVS to start preparing a NEWS entry for gnome-user-docs:

cvs diff -r GNOME_USER_DOCS_2_15_1 `find . -name ChangeLog`

But with SVN, I have to give it two obnoxiously long URLs to diff. There doesn’t seem to be any way to say, “compare the versions of these files from this branch/tag and that branch/tag”, short of some fancy ‘find -exec’ shenanigans.

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