On How I Turned 30


Eight years ago, I spent my 22nd birthday helping my brother and his family move into their new house.  It really drove home the point that, after 21, birthdays just don’t matter anymore.  (Note to non-US readers: In the US, you can drink at 21.)

This morning, I woke up to my 30th birthday and was greeted by a basement full of water.  Yay for adulthood!

6 Responses to “On How I Turned 30”

  1. Tobias Says:

    Do you live in Swabia? That thunderstorm was bad-ass yesterday.

  2. Jordi Says:

    Someone who got there very recently congratulates you! :)

  3. Silke Says:

    But you also got an actual, nice present. Don’t forget that.

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  5. adiboy Says:

    hello, nice site, just wanted to ask shy you have a slash on your domain, should it be there? or is it a coding error

  6. shaunm Says:

    I have no idea why the slash is there. I’ve tried removing it. Something weird with the software that runs blogs.gnome.org.

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