I just happened across this organization called Yorba.  It appears to be a non-profit organization making applications for Gnome.  Does anybody know anything about these folks?  I’m mighty curious where one gets funding for that sort of thing.

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  1. Priit Laes Says:

    Why not just ask them :)

  2. Vadim Says:

    Their goals are great. I hope they accomplish them.

  3. ReinoutS Says:

    According to the ‘Jobs’ section on their website, they’re funded by donations…

  4. Richard Says:

    whois information helps suggest who might be behind it, at least. They say they’ve operating off donations, but I don’t see a donate button, so perhaps it’s not just communicate I take it.

  5. Well it says on their site that they’re a non-profit organisation run by donations (on the jobs page). Pretty cool though…

  6. PatR Says:

    In an interview i recently saw with Mark Shuttleworth from Ubuntu, he said, that they work with some cooperations to build some stuff that will go open source wenn its finished / near finished, but is under closed dev. now. Maybe its one of those projects? (As they say Ubuntu and Gnome…).

    Looks interesting if they really do what they say on their page. The funniest thing though is that they want to build a web editor, but their page is well, if you put it nicely, really ugly :)

    PS: I read somewhere they code everything in Vala is written on their homepage!


  7. ethana2 Says:


  8. Adam Dingle Says:

    I’m the founder of Yorba. It’s great to see all the interest about Yorba on this thread! Actually we’re not presently affiliated with Mark Shuttleworth or Ubuntu, though we’d love to work with them in the future as we grow. We’re just getting started and have been keeping a low profile so far, but have just expanded our Web site to include a little more information about us – see the FAQ and About pages on http://yorba.org .

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