Mallard API References

GIO docs in Mallard in Yelp
GIO docs in Mallard in Yelp

This is the GIO API reference, generated by gtk-doc, converted to Mallard, and displayed in Yelp 3. Yelp is a surprisingly nice API documentation viewer.

Update: If you use Devhelp a lot, you probably use the Search tab to get to symbols quickly. We’ve got that covered. The quick search feature in Yelp lets you search as you type on page titles and descriptions.

If you type multiple words separated by spaces, Yelp ANDs them. This is really handy for narrowing the results without having to type a perfectly matched string.

4 thoughts on “Mallard API References”

  1. i am a huge fan of devhelp …. basically, yelp and devhelp are gtkwebkit’ed

  2. I totally dig your web page designs. The gtk-doc CSS we have today is nice already, but this is even better.

    Can I get you to write a gtk theme?

  3. Nice. Will there be a command-line or D-Bus method to integrate yelp in other tools (Kupfer: Search in Yelp etc)?

    1. There’s already a D-Bus method to load a URI. I should hook up D-Bus service activation. You can also call the yelp binary.

      What you really want is libua. This is an experiment I’m working on to dynamically populate help menus and buttons in a UI from the contents of an installed Mallard document. One of the planned features is the title quick search you see here, directly in your Help menu. I’ll be talking about it at GUADEC.

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