This is how things work!

October 11, 2008

What things am I talking (writing?) about?

First, of open source software : Howard Chu of openLDAP fame stumbled on ekiga and found its LDAP support too bad for his taste (to my defense I would say it didn’t work that bad with which itself isn’t a real LDAP 😉 ). So what do you think he did? He reported the problem. And how did he do it? He checked for already existing reports — and found them. And then? Well, then he provided nice patches, asked for help on the source organization, made better patches, got them included… and now we’re ironing out the few problems with the new improved code.

Second, since almost all LDAP clients are broken, ekiga’s LDAP code is now a good example of correct code, which others should study.

I can’t help to be sad that ekiga only came after that many softwares on the list of things he tried : it’s been around and working since years! Let me repeat : gnome has had working VoIP since years!

PS: I hadn’t blogged since long… the site has been updated and the preview just opens a blank page : I hope the layout will still look good.

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