Dodji is my hero!

November 12, 2008

I was craving for a way to automate a debugging session, and searching on the net only showed recent experiments for python-gdb — nothing useful yet.

As usual, I turned to #gnomefr to see if someone already knew a solution. Dodji was there and pointed me to nemiver — but not nemiver-the-standalone-gui-program : nemiver-the-lib!

Indeed, nemiver is cleanly organized as a base lib on top of which lives a gtkmm application : it is possible to write a program to automate a specific debugging session, leaving the gui aside. That isn’t 100% as simple as “scripting”, but it’s close enough!

The specific bug is still alive as I write those lines, but I feel much more powerful debugging-wise since I know I have nemiver-the-lib to turn to in case of problems!

Thanks Dodji!

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