Gstreamer and webkit

January 18, 2009

Since the 5th january of this new year, gstreamer’s app plugin and library have moved from the list of “bad” plugins to the list of “base” plugins! For those who have no clue what this app plugin is about : it allows interfacing a gstreamer pipeline with another framework.

This is of no interest if you’re writing a new program : you should just use gstreamer : it’s great framework — fully threaded, but sanely hiding that fact (leaky abstractions suck… especially when one leaks the threadedness and forces threads, locks, mutexes on the rest!). If you have existing code, and you would like to add some gstreamer plumbing here and there, app is what you need!

I have begun reworking gstreamer support in ekiga : video input seems to work quite good, audio input seems to need some tweaking… and I’m stuck with audio output, where I even get crashes… hopefully some discussion with the gstreamer gurus will settle the issue too.

Aside from that, I have looked at webkit recently, and found the documentation… well, a little thin! I was interested in displaying an in-memory document, and wondered what I could do with the javascript to trigger things back in the application. I haven’t a clear view of what I want, which explains why I’ve had trouble finding serious documentation.

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