Playing with python

August 16, 2009

The title has a double meaning : I’ve been diving into python lately, mostly motivated by trying to understand sage ; but also because I wanted to write a small game for my kids.

I’m using a simple client/server organization, with the twisted framework for the networking part (the server should be mostly ready), and the soya framework for a client. I’m not 100% satisfied with soya though, so I’ll have to dig further to see if I find a more convenient framework… perhaps I’ll write the client using C++ and ogre. It looks overkill but interesting anyway.

Of course, this little game doesn’t get enough love since I’m still reading as much maths as possible, but it gives a nice recreation — and the sage objective means it’s not 100% un-mathematical occupation 😉

I must have read hundreds of pages of commutative algebra now, but I’m still feeling too weak on number fields and Galois theory yet : perhaps I should dive in the proof of the Weil conjectures to know more precisely what I’m lacking…

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