Class field theory

I’m still diving in mathematics ; I’m not very happy with my level of understanding on class field theory yet, so I think I’ll take some more… I don’t feel like I’m making good progress, but that’s not a big problem : I know things generally work that way with the brain — pieces don’t take their place until there are enough of them.


I didn’t touch the code for my kids since the first draft : not good. I think I’ll dump soya and find something else.

Freebox issues

I would like to show photos on my somewhat big TV — photos which happen to be on my computer with a somewhat small screen (life is full of those situations…). The special type of modem used by my ISP (called a freebox) has gained a wonderful feature lately, which I had never tried : uPnP. So I quickly installed mediatomb, then configured it (incredibly easy…), and tried to see it from the freebox.

It worked! I could see my media collection ;  I was so thrilled! But :

  • trying to look at photos gave awfully pixellized images — unbearable, unusable ;
  • trying to play music failed because the files don’t even show up : I only have ogg, flac and a few mp3 — nothing appears in the list ;
  • trying to play video failed because even if some files show up (the .avi files — without the extension), I only get a black screen.

So in short : there’s a wonderful feature, but it just looks cool : it won’t see most files, and the few it sees won’t get anything correct.

I’ll either have to find out how to make the “freeplayer” feature work… or find a way to tell gstreamer : “here is a list of image files I want you to turn into a video diaporama with pretty transitions at that speed” (that later solution would be great!).

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