Pika Backup 0.4 Released with Schedule Support

Pika Backup is an app focused on backups of personal data. It’s internally based on BorgBackup and provides fast incremental backups.

Pika Backup version 0.4 has been released today. This release wraps up a year of development work. After the huge jump to supporting scheduled backups and moving to GTK 4 and Libadwaita, I am planning to go back to slightly more frequent and smaller releases. At the same time, well-tested and reliable releases will remain a priority of the project.

Release Overview

The release contains 41 resolved issues, 27 changelog entries, and a codebase that despite many cleanups nearly doubled. Here is a short rundown of the changes.

      • Ability to schedule regular backups.
      • Support for deleting old archives.
      • Revamped graphical interface including a new app icon.
      • Better compression and performance for backups.
      • Several smaller issues rectified.

You can find a more complete list of changes in Pika’s Changelog.


Pika Backup’s backbone is the BorgBackup software. If you want to support them you can check out their funding page. The money will be well spent.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped with this release. Especially Alexander, Fina, Zander, but also everyone else, the borg maintainers, the translators, the beta testers, people who reported issues or contributed ideas, and last but not least, all the people that gave me so much positive and encouraging feedback!


4 thoughts on “Pika Backup 0.4 Released with Schedule Support”

  1. Been using Pika Backup since like 2020, absolutely love it. The additional new features are a welcome bonus, but honestly I was already really happy with it even before v0.4. Please do keep up the great work and thank you very much for making a fantastic app!

  2. Just wanted to say good job on Pika.
    Was using Back in Time for a long wile until I noticed that it had kinda stopped working after pushing up to Pop_OS 22.04.
    Had a look around and saw that Pika was kinda new on the scene and gave it a go.
    Works perfectly and also pretty darn fast and has that nice balance between simplicity and useful features.

  3. Joining everyone so far here: this, and most of the Gnome Circle apps, are brilliant! Using an existing command-line backup tool was also an excellent decision (for ease of development, code stability and wider compatibility). So, kudos!

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