Annoying popups with Evolution? hmm…No more

Lots of people have been complaining about annoying popups with Evolution saying “Ping failed”, “Name lookup failed” etc.. I started writing a design/interface in the wiki few months back and had a test code which I showed it to a few people at Guadec 07. Since then, I was busy with too many other things and  never had  time to relook at this. Last week my wife and my son had left to my parent’s town and since then, I seem to have too much free time and during the last weekend I thought, I’ll give it for Non-Intrusive Error reporting framework and so It is part of Evolution 2.21.4 release. I’m sure that it is gonna change a lot of things and give more fine-grained control over Evolution to the user. Some of the high lights are…

  • In general every operation that the user performs is executed in a thread in a asynchronous fashion. For every such operation, there will be a status indication of that in the status bar, with a option to cancel it. It means that (Assume that you don’t have few messages cached locally) when you click a message to view, it would start fetching from the server and you realize that you wanted to click the next one and you click that too. Unfortunately till the first operation ends, the second won’t start as most backends sequence the tasks. Since each of them is represented as a task with ‘x’ – cancel button you can cancel the first one alone and so the second can pick up. This is just one simple example and I’m sure that it will be more useful in lot other scenarios as well.


  • This is about non-intrusive reporting. Every such task that goes on a asynchronous fashion, can pop up a error. Now the status bar messages are persistent and timed. Every task representation is converted to a error, if the task ended with a error. Which means “Refreshing folder…” when the error occurs would change to “Error while Refreshing folder” with a ‘!’ icon on the status bar. The user can click the icon (tool icon) to view the actual error dialog. If the user ignores it, it hides from the status bar after a specified time (configurable) with a log (Yes, Evolution features a log view along with this)


  • Evolution now features a log viewer, where all the log messages of the session are stored. The UI has provisions for Error, Warning and Debug/Info messages. But all of them aren’t yet implemented and only error logging is only done. I hope that I would do the rest in the upcoming weekends.


Note: The dialog is bit outdated. It now sorts on time/descending order and has nice spacing and border and scrolled window as well.

Now the base framework is done and it is integrated with the mail thread operation, I’m hoping that I would extend my framework to most of the other operations in mailer and then in the next release I would integrate Calendar and other components.

Milan Crha extended Sankar’s work on custom labels/message tagging and the base code has hit the trunk for 2.21.4. Few more patches are still waiting and in together it is gonna make it really cool. Apart from that lots of bug fixes and some important crash/performance patches also made to 2.21.4. For a more detailed entries and release notes, see my announcement mail.

Evolution doc issues

Andre posted a mail on the hackers list about the state of Evolution docs. The doc team here at Novell uses FrameMaker to manage documentation. So the master copy that we use is frame files which can only be exported to XML and no way to import/sync from xml. So any commits that happen for the XML file on the svn needs to be manually synced. At times, some patches are XML fixes which are auto-generated by FrameMaker. In which cases, the commit from Frame files to svn would overwrite them. This is a big issue. One solution that came our is hand editing XML files for documentation. Definitely hand editing the files isn’t going to be easy (it is 8K lines file with almost 1K modification every release). It can be more prone to errors than now. I really want to know how other projects over come this?. Are there any other tools or process other projects use? Or just hand edit XML files? Any better suggestions to me? I would be happy to hear any suggestions/processes that already other projects use.

Evolution 2.22 progress updates

I just released Evolution 2.21.3 (Yes we synced Evolution with GNOME version) and send a update to the evolution hackers list. Some highlights of that. Till now, we have committed

  • Google Calendar support (Read/Write – You can create meetings)
  • External Editor support for composer – You can use Vim or Emacs for composing
  • Lots of bug fixes

I hope that I should be able to get

  • Exchange Smart card support
  • Non-intrusive error reporting
  • Matt’s new look composer to trunk
  • UAM (Unified account management) – This is the base work required to do split.

We are spending lot of effort on MAPI based Exchange connector developed in a branch (evolution and evolution-data-server). I’m not sure, if we can make it to 2.22 but surely, it can be added as a plugin later on. This connector should be able to connect to Exchange 5.5, 2000/2003/2007 servers. It is based on OpenChange’s libmapi.
I hope that things would be much clearer after a few weeks.

I don’t feel like doing anything

For the past 2 months, either me or my wife or my son was sick and down with cold and flu. My son had recurring 3-4 days of flu for almost three times over the last month and I almost took 2 week vacation to get him better. I was back from my vacation during last week. Just a few days after I returned from my vacation, his flu started again (last friday, Nov 23). Till now he was down with fever and yesterday I got him hospitalized him at Apollo. All the tests related to flu failed and the doctor concluded that it is FUO (Fever of Unidentified Origin) and then the doctor requested for an abdominal CT Scan and that too turned to be all fine and finally we did a chest x-ray to see that it is some sort of Pneumonia. I was so worried he had non-stop fever of 102+ F  for almost 8 days and no signs of coming down. Just after the test, the doctor started an anti-biotic and I’m hoping that his fever should come down in a few days. Doctor advised us to keep him at hospital for atleast 5 days. I don’t feel like doing anything :(