Evolution 2.22 progress updates

I just released Evolution 2.21.3 (Yes we synced Evolution with GNOME version) and send a update to the evolution hackers list. Some highlights of that. Till now, we have committed

  • Google Calendar support (Read/Write – You can create meetings)
  • External Editor support for composer – You can use Vim or Emacs for composing
  • Lots of bug fixes

I hope that I should be able to get

  • Exchange Smart card support
  • Non-intrusive error reporting
  • Matt’s new look composer to trunk
  • UAM (Unified account management) – This is the base work required to do split.

We are spending lot of effort on MAPI based Exchange connector developed in a branch (evolution and evolution-data-server). I’m not sure, if we can make it to 2.22 but surely, it can be added as a plugin later on. This connector should be able to connect to Exchange 5.5, 2000/2003/2007 servers. It is based on OpenChange’s libmapi.
I hope that things would be much clearer after a few weeks.

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  1. Hi Srini,

    This is good news :)

    Any news on the dbus merge that Ross was working on and the merge of the optimisations (or at least some of them) from the tinymail branch?

    Sorry for the post here. Not on the mailing lists.


  2. hooray for MAPI exchange! The OWA exchange plugin just doesn’t work very well, so I’m very excited about that. I’ve gotten to the point where I only use the calendar support in read-only mode; if I need to make changes to my calendar I have to get on a windows box.

  3. Peter, Most of the optimization were merged with trunk. Just the dbus things were there. IIRC Ross said that there are some threading issues wrt Evolution, which he isn’t finding time to complete it. I hope that Ross gets it asap.

  4. In the last update of ubuntu 8.10 is evolution 2.21.3

    I added a calendar using the private ics url in a webcal. pasted my username with @gmail.com but it can write to the calendar…

    can you explain the steps to set up a google calendar???


  5. Alejandro,

    Edit->plugins (check if Google Sources is enabled)

    Go to calendar,
    R-click on the left side,
    -> New calendar
    1. Type Google
    2. Enter a name of your calendar
    3, Give a username, press OK. (See other settings also)

    You should have it after your password.

  6. Thank u very much…

    Evolution is 2.1.3 version.. but it doesn’t have the google plugin… that the problem.. but thanks for the tip.. i hope that ubuntu guys include the plugin soon

  7. i’m trying to test google calendar support in hardy too…
    is calendar support provided by the “google-account-setup” plugin?

  8. Wow.

    Am amazed, these are just incredibly good news!

    Support for Google Calendar will be a god send (I still use Evolution for Calendar, and this keeps me isolated from other things). Love it, love it, love it.

    The external editor seems brilliant. Am now used to the composer, but I know many people will be happy.

    Question: will Emacs be “embedded” or not?

    Anyways, am glad to see Evolution continuing to improve. Only recently I upgraded to 2.12.0 from whatever version SLED had and I have to say, your work is awesome.

    Keep up the good work!

    A happy user.

  9. Miguel, We don’t have any embedded support. Just that now you can type in your favorite editor that pops up during composing. We will look about embedded widget in future. Thanks a lot for your suggestions Miguel :)

  10. Whats the status of Microsoft Exchange 2007 support? Now that Evolution has a working spam filter, this feature could be what is needed to rival the email finesse of Mozilla Thunderbird.

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