I don’t feel like doing anything

For the past 2 months, either me or my wife or my son was sick and down with cold and flu. My son had recurring 3-4 days of flu for almost three times over the last month and I almost took 2 week vacation to get him better. I was back from my vacation during last week. Just a few days after I returned from my vacation, his flu started again (last friday, Nov 23). Till now he was down with fever and yesterday I got him hospitalized him at Apollo. All the tests related to flu failed and the doctor concluded that it is FUO (Fever of Unidentified Origin) and then the doctor requested for an abdominal CT Scan and that too turned to be all fine and finally we did a chest x-ray to see that it is some sort of Pneumonia. I was so worried he had non-stop fever of 102+ F  for almost 8 days and no signs of coming down. Just after the test, the doctor started an anti-biotic and I’m hoping that his fever should come down in a few days. Doctor advised us to keep him at hospital for atleast 5 days. I don’t feel like doing anything :(

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  1. I wish your son starts feeling better soon.
    I am not a doctor or an expert, but your post reminded me of time when my brother (15 yrs old) had recurring fever more a months, and doctor could not diagnose the cause.

    Have doctors eliminated possibility of Hepatitis of some type? As far I know Hepatitis could be difficult to diagnose, but I may be wrong.

    Also if you have list of vaccines that your son has received, it might help doctors in diagnosis.

  2. Hi Srini, from what you said, you did all the right things, and the doctors are working hard to make your son feel better. I wish you all the best. chris

  3. Don’t worry, I’ve been at over 40C for days and I’m still here. Be calm, worst thing I ever saw my parents do was being more desperate than I was ;).

    Everything will get fine, cheer up!

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