Disk summary updates…

We released 2.23.5 with the basic merge of disk summary. Ever since, It has become a busy working week. Working more than 12 hours day and almost all 7 days of work for me. It happened that Sankar’s db search didn’t work well for us and I started writing a sexp to sql parser and completed that in almost 4 days. It feels so good, when you do things and that works awesome with out much issue. Now almost everything in search is completed. Except body-contains query, everything else is just searched on the db with out being loaded to the memory and results are shown. Now, Im going to rework search folders, to do it. Thanks to Milan, who fixed two serious issues in Disk summary.

I started fixing IMAP, to take advantage of disk summary. I just happen to uncover a excellent bug, which I myself hated to see. At times, you see an already read mail in Evolution, but the cache seems to be missing, though you are sure that you read that mail in Evolution. It was so annoying that you would be offline while seeing this. I finally found the core issue and fixed it in camel-imap-folder.c:imap_rescan. The main issue is

If client has uids 1,2,3,4,5,6… and server deletes uid 2 on auto-expiry¬† or some other way, then Evolution use to delete all summaries from 2 till end and its cache and redownload the summary. I have also seen that at times, Evolution take more time to download summaries, specially if Im back from a vacation or so. This is the reason. If at all you are using 2.22.x (where all mails not just RECENT are filtered) and you have a filter to archive mails, you endup downloading duplicate mails to your archive folder. Anyways, I fixed it finally. Im planning to do some more imap improvements during my free time. IMAP should be much better in 2.24.

We have created a tracker  Bug 543389 РCamel Disk summary bugs (Evolution). Add all disk summary bugs to this tracker. Try Evolution 2.23.6 and file bugs.