Evolution 2.24 & Windows port

I have delayed my blog for Evolution 2.24, since I was waiting for Tor and Bharath to complete the Windows port. Yes, Evolution for Windows is available. Click here to download Evolution on Windows . Kudos to Tor (who intially ported base Evolution/friends to Windows) & Bharath for their  work. They also had a equivalent windows binary for most of the intermediate dot releases. We would  try hard to fix bugs reported on this build.

What’s new in Evolution 2.24?

  • Message Templates
  • WebDAV Contacts support
  • Google Contacts support
  • Custom header support while sending mails
  • Single Model view for Calendar
  • Sqlite Based message summary (aka Camel On-disk Summary)
  • New Bonobo-less composer for Evolution
  • Quota support to IMAP/POP accounts
  • Gtk+ Recent manager integration in Composer
  • Contact-list for Exchange

and 530 bugs and approximately 50 crashers fixed.

Camel/Disk summary has some regressions which I’m currently working to close it, so that 2.24.1 should be even more stable and bug-free.

Thanks a lot to every one who has contributed to Evolution.

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  1. Any plans to have Windows binary released shortly after each release? I would like to have it for my Windows using friends so they don’t have to use buggy Outlook or unconvincing Thunderbird (sorry Mozilla fans) anymore.

    Big thanks about your work on Evo.

  2. Congrats on the release, sounds from your list like I’ll have to give Evo another try! Also glad to see win32 support for our friends stuck in that environment.

  3. How do you save sent email and deleted email to Sent and Trash folders on the IMAP server instead of locally in Evolution?

  4. Peteris Krisjanis, as I said, we had windows build for every dot release, but it takes a week or to get it, as all the dependent pkgs have to be built, packaged and installer needs to be build and so on… It will take a week or so, but we would make it more formal for GNOME 2.26

    Sent should be simple in your account preferences. Trash isn’t possible today. IIRC there was a plugin for that by Sankar. Lemme find out, if anything materialize there.

  5. Would be really great for testing if this ran under wine, sadly it doesn’t.

    Cheers and great work thanks.

  6. Is there a convenient way to keep Evolution always open in the background on Windows? A minimize to tray plugin or something like that? In GNOME I keep Evolution in the second virtual desktop, but none of those in Windows.

  7. Hi, any plans to have a “conversation” display mode as an alternative to threads, like gmail?


  8. About running Evolution under wine: Unfortunately there is a problem that makes even the most trivial GTK+ test application use much too large fonts when run under wine. Nobody has been interested enough to debug and trace down the cause for this, even though it presumably is just some trivial thing. Presumably at least that will cause trouble for Evolution.

    Also remember that running Evolution actually means running at least four and maybe even six separate processes that need to run in the same wine environment. I don’t know wine well enough to say how easy it is to set this up.

  9. About 64-bit version: Do you really need it, do you need to handle mail messages in the gigabyte range? Or are you just of the (misguided) opinion that running 32-bit applications on a 64-bit OS is “not using all of the CPU that you have paid for”? Please note that not even Microsoft itself provide 64-bit builds of such a flagship applications as Visual Studio.

    The GTK+ stack as such is already available as a 64-bit Windows build, and some GTK+ apps, especially GIMP, definitely benefit from being runnable as 64-bit processes. (For processing huge images on machines with lots of physical memory.)

    Building all of Evolution’s dependencies (i.e. the GNOME stack below Evolution and above GTK+) as 64-bit versions will presumably require some changes here and there. And then there is the question of the depencendies that we don’t build ourselves, the Mozilla bits, pthreads-win32, gnutls, I don’t know if there are prebuilt 64-bit versions of those even.

    So I don’t think I personally will bother with that unless somebody can point out that there is a real need to run some application (like Evolution) that uses these libraries as a 64-bit process.

  10. On my LAN it doesn’t work. I’ve tried it on 3 workstation (XP Sp3) usi OWA as default email client.
    1) The black (debug) screen reports many SQL errors and the program doesn’t start
    2) There’s not the icon on the evolution.exe
    3) I’m been luckly once, but evolution-exchange-storage stop works after first connection to my exchange 2003 server.

    U’re sure that this release is ready for public? (and i’m a beta tester of everything!!)

  11. @cRoW2k:
    1) The console spews out a lot of debug messages about SQL. Nothing critical. Program doesn’t start? Maybe some firewall issues, can’t really say though. Can you look into the task manager and kill bonobo-activation-server process. Me and Tor did have a chat about it sometime back. Can you confirm if that works. Onto it now.
    2) Currently yes there isn’t. We’ll make sure we have a nice icon for the launcher.
    3) I couldn’t really catch any such thing affecting Exchange. Will provide a debug-info installer for Evolution so that we could catch this one.

    And yes it is ready and we have some nice ideas to build on it. You’ll have an installer for every dot release to test 🙂 Thanks

  12. I’m trying to use Evolution for windows with my Exchange account, but it complain about cannot read a file. Of course, that file doesn’t exist.
    Is there a place where obtain support about evolution for windows or where to post related bugs?

    Cannot read file ½C:\DOCUME~1\Maurizio\IMPOST~1\Temp\.exchange-Maurizio\myuser@myserver.com╗: Apertura del file “C:\DOCUME~1\Maurizio\IMPOST~1\Temp\.exchange-Maurizio\myuser@myserver.com” fallita: No such file or directory

    (where myuser@myserver is my account)

  13. 1)i try then i write u again
    2) thanks 🙂
    3) Great!

    “And yes it is ready and we have some nice ideas to build on it. You’ll have an installer for every dot release to test 🙂 Thanks”

    this sound really good!

  14. @Bharath Acharya:
    Nothing change also after killed bonobo process. And evolution-exchange continue to die. A debug utility would be really appreciated!

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