Evolution 2.24 & Windows port

I have delayed my blog for Evolution 2.24, since I was waiting for Tor and Bharath to complete the Windows port. Yes, Evolution for Windows is available. Click here to download Evolution on Windows . Kudos to Tor (who intially ported base Evolution/friends to Windows) & Bharath for their  work. They also had a equivalent windows binary for most of the intermediate dot releases. We would  try hard to fix bugs reported on this build.

What’s new in Evolution 2.24?

  • Message Templates
  • WebDAV Contacts support
  • Google Contacts support
  • Custom header support while sending mails
  • Single Model view for Calendar
  • Sqlite Based message summary (aka Camel On-disk Summary)
  • New Bonobo-less composer for Evolution
  • Quota support to IMAP/POP accounts
  • Gtk+ Recent manager integration in Composer
  • Contact-list for Exchange

and 530 bugs and approximately 50 crashers fixed.

Camel/Disk summary has some regressions which I’m currently working to close it, so that 2.24.1 should be even more stable and bug-free.

Thanks a lot to every one who has contributed to Evolution.