West Coast Summit

This is the last day of the GNOME West Coast Summit, and for the past three days we’ve been working and discussing topics such as:

  • Application Sandboxing / xdg-apps
  • Application development / Builder
  • GTK, multi-touch,
  • Appstores, Appstream
  • Mutter

In attendance are GNOME, Elementary OS, and Endless.   In addition, various individual contributors have also joined us.  Other attendees will blog about the technical work, I want to focus on community and outreach.

One of the most unique things about this hackfest versus the others is that this is the first time desktops using the same GNOME software stack are meeting and discussing with each other.  Elementary and GNOME have very similar goals which was quite apparent in last year’s summit.  This year, attendees have been almost equal parts GNOME and equal parts Elementary.  Unlike desktop summit, everybody are still using the common core and so the conversations were much more rooted on how to enable  features, fix bugs, and trading technology between desktops. BTW, we might get quarter tiling next GNOME release in mutter!

I discussed some strategic directions that I would like to see GNOME, specifically using Builder to enable GNOME as the development environment for IoT and Maker market segments.  in fact, the cultures between Maker and Free Software can be quite harmonious.

Today is the last day of the Summit.  It has been a privilege and pleasure to continue to organize and support the West Coast Summit.

A big heartfelt thanks to Endless for providing us with such a great venue for our hackfest and making us feel so welcome and providing us with a goody bag.

I would also like to thank Tiffany Yau, Christian Hergert, and Cosimo Cecchi for providing the evening festivities for each day.

Of course, thanks to all the attendees for making the trip out here in San Francisco, and see you next year!