Long time no blog.

Well it’s been forever since I’ve blogged anything. Been really busy with work and I hardly had time to do much with GNOME for the past couple of months. I hadn’t realized how stressed out I was until I finally took a vacation. I was having trouble sleeping and been feeling run down all the time. After the vacation I could finally get some sleep and finally start concentrating on work.

GNOME Journal stuff is actually doing pretty good even though we haven’t had much in the way of releases. Our group are really busy with our personal lives and also caught up in various other GNOME activities. (I’m looking at you Ken) So, this is a shout out for people who want to:

a) slowly get involved with GNOME but are the cautious type.

b) want to get involved but you feel you don’t have the technical background to help. Or maybe GNOME is just so big and complex but you want to help out in some way. GNOME Journal is a great way to start out. We have quite a diverse number of people here.

c) you’re interested in writing and want to try out your technical writing skills

All are valid reasons to join up and help us out. Mail me and I’ll get you started I have plenty of ideas/trends that you could follow up on or post on this blog.

Arriving somewhere not here.

It’s been a tough week. I spent the last 10 days working my butt off. I think at least 5 of those nights I was up late working into the wee mornings of the morning on a project. C can really get on my nerves, since most of my problems when I program with C is dealing with it’s memory management. While powerful it can really lead you astray even for proficient programmers.

This seems to be my month for music with Porcupine Tree, Rush, Lacuna Coil and others going on tour. I just saw Porcupine Tree and it was a great show. It’s not as much entertaining as some others, but they obviously are consummate musicians and that really all that matters. I’m also planning on taking a trip to Seattle to go see Loreena McKennit who hasn’t had an album in 10 years. Maybe others might be interested as well.

GNOME stuff has been pretty non-existent for me due to work and school pressures,. I’m moving to a new group on the condition I finish a particularly thorny project which has been kicking my butt since it’s really mostly about social engineering and project planning. My frustration proves that I’m not cut out to be doing managerial roles. I can do them, and do them well but it’s not what I like doing.

GNOME Journal is struggling to put out another release. THis is a tough project,and it can do with a lot more contributors who might be willing to do the job of finding intersting aspects of the project. If you’re interested I have several ideas including a running theme of GNOME companies that I think indicates some idea of where our project is going.

GNOME Journal has alwyas been rewarding because we always get the non-technical people where sometimes isn’t obvious where they might be able to contribute. GNOME Journal is an excellent starting pointing point. Especially if you’re a fan of a particular piece of software. You’re able to speak to the person and ask critical questions about the project. I think the quality is high, the motivation is high, but the lack of people to get things done is a little bit of a downer. People like Jim Hodap, Lucas Rocha, Ken Van Dine and others have really put a lot of effort into this project.

If you have interesting ideas that you want to express, you should write to us, we are interested!!

One other thing is that I’m really happy to see new faces on Planet GNOME. It’s really great to see all the great applications that people are writing. The vitality of a project like GNOME comes from the new contributors that come into the project, we live on their energy and their dedication on creating something great.

GNOME Journal Submission Deadline April 1st.

Greetings! Long time no blog…

Just wanted to let people know that the deadline for next issue of GNOME Journal is April 1st. Please get us your fun and interesting articles to us! You can mail me at:


Other than that. It’s been pretty busy, finished off a very interesting class on operating systems and now looking forward to a class on network architecture.

GNOME Journal article deadline February 10th

Just a quick note to remind everyone that article submission deadline is due February 10th. We’re looking for about a total of 5 articles. So if you have an idea for an article, please mail me and let me know your ideas!

Well, that’s it. I’m not very witty on blogs.

Happy New Year!

Just want to wish my friends around the world a very happy and prosperous New Year and that I hope all that you wish to accomplish this year comes true.

Best Wishes!

Board? I have a better use for you..

Since we’re all talking about rockstars. I think we need to be talking about our rockstars who write articles to the journal. I will consider you a rockstar if you write articles for us. We have another issue coming up and I would like to see some more articles. No matter what kind of GNOME or even generic all purpose desktop architecture like for instance Galago or DBus; we’d be interested.

So help us come up with another great issue of GNOME Journal!

Long time no blog..

It’s been an eventful couple of months and I haven’t had time to really blog or even get too much involved in GNOME. Those of you who I have interviewed and are expecting that article, I beg patience as I try to work out my sudden busy home and work life.

Work has been pretty painful with a lot of changes. We had layoffs about 3 weeks ago and luckily I didn’t get voted off the island. But there is still a lot of upheaval. It’s also hard to watch people you’ve known over 10 years be let go.

My wife has been looking for work and in her free time has been working on organizing our house. Of course that frequently means that as her designated partner-in-crime that I have been given oversight powers regardless of whether I want them or not!

I’ve almost finished one article and have about 3 more to finish before my labours are complete. I encourage others to write for the journal. I have a number of articles that I think would be good to write. If you’re interested, please contact me.

The other day, we had someone running for the Oregon legislature going door to door. He looked pretty frazzled and he started going through his scripted introduction with my wife. Until of course I came to the door. Over the past couple of years I’ve become much more political active or more accurately, politically aware. Probably has a lot to do with the party in charge these days. I gave him an earful about what I felt was wrong with Oregon/Country/World. He perked up a bit after that. We had some discussions on open source/free software and he was a big proponent of it. I think it’s a good bet that he might win the seat. I have a unique opportunity to apply some influence in oregon politics and push for more free software/desktop whatever.

GNOME Journal articles due August 1st.

Just a reminder for those who are writing articles or even want to write articles that the deadline is August 1st.

If you like to write an article and don’t know how to start (it’s easy!) bug us on irc in #gnome-journal or just subscribe to the mailing list.


That said, I had the advantage of doing several interviews including one through VOIP. I’m sure these people are all wondering what happened to the interviews I’ve done. I haven’t gotten around to them since when I came back I was hit with a lot of work and with my wife out of school, we’ve been busy with home stuff. So I’m hoping that I will be able to get articles in by August 1st.

Guadec es muy bein!

That’s as good as my spanish gets. It’s my first (and of course best) GUADEC for me. I’ve been having a great time finally meeting the people I’ve been talking and emailing since the early days of GNOME. So it’s been a great treat for me to be able to come and meet everyone.

Special shout out to the Imendio guys for the many nights of awesome fun!


I’ll probably be coming back with some stuff to do it seems. But that’s alright.


I’m not ignoring you, you bastard! Martyn.. you must admit I make a great model. I’m happy to model other bling. :-)