gtk-engines 2.6.4

Just released gtk-engines 2.6.4 at the usual place.
The release includes quite a number of bug fixes, including several crash fixes. One important point to note with this release is that the Clearlooks engine will now be maintained within gtk-engines.

Overview of Changes in 2.6.4 (since 2.6.3)

  • Fixed bugs:
    #305374 – Smooth makes d4x crash
    #161960 – Panel on 2nd screen crashes when using crux
    #303112 – [lighthouseblue] Radio buttons appear all checked in GtkTreeView
    #308551 – uninitialized variables in the smooth engine
    #305432 – smooth theme queries GtkButton style properties for all kind of widgets
    #170824 – Industrial labels are purple
    #300530 – clearlooks engine is installed in a different directory than the other engines

  • Updated clearlooks engine

And in related news, with the inclusion of Cairo in GTK+ 2.7, we’re going to be branching gtk-engines development soon to take advantage of the new features Cairo brings. There has already been some experimental work done with the Clearlooks engine in using Cairo, and we hope to start updating other engines to use cairo soon. Watch this space for screenshots!

4 thoughts on “gtk-engines 2.6.4”

  1. Pretty much everything you can do with the normal gimp palette (paths, fills, gradients) you can do with Cairo (except for blurs and effects like that).

    In addition to that, it support anti-aliasing and alpha transparencies. Drawing curved things (rounded rectangles, ovals, or any other wierd shape you like) is very easy to do.

    Oh, and did I mention translations and rotations? Want to draw a vertical progressbar? No problem, just draw it like you would draw a horizontal one, and rotate it -90 degrees. Two lines of extra code. Can’t beat that 😉

    Cairo rocks.

  2. Richard, I’m sure you will bring us new coolness with a cairo based clearlooks!

    Please keep up your OUTSTANDING work! I’m loving it more and more at every release!

    Gnome default look could not be in better hands!


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