Busy day

So busy yesterday, I didn’t even get time to write a blog entry as planned, so here it is, a day late.

Made a release of gtk-engines, now at version 2.6.5. There are about half a dozen or so bug fixes since the last release. On a related note, Cairo version of Clearlooks has started to emerge in CVS head (although this won’t be ready for any releases in time for GNOME 2.12).

I made the one and only development release of gnome-backgrounds before 2.12. The only major change being some SVG replacements for the translucent backgrounds. Many thanks to Andreas Nilsson for those. We’re also going to work on getting some new SVG tile backgrounds in for 2.14, hopefully integrated with the Nautilus backgrounds option too.

We also managed to make a final development release of gnome-themes before 2.12, which includes several bug fixes I managed to rush in. Well, only three, but I must have sorted out at least a dozen bugs from the gnome-themes bugzilla as well! 🙂

And to top it all off, I announced the new splash screen contest at art.gnome.org!