Sato Has Landed!


What is Sato?

Sato is a new visual style for Poky Linux, the embedded Linux distribution. It is designed to work well with screens at very high DPI and restricted size, such as those often found on smartphones and PDAs. Not to mention it is coded with efficiency and speed in mind so that it works smoothly on hand-held and other embedded hardware. It will easily sit neatly on top of any device using the GMAE stack to provide a well defined user experience.

So what’s new?

We (OpenedHand) have just released the very first version. We’ve released it with version number 0.1, which indicates that it is a testing release and we think there are still quite a few improvements to make before we think it is perfect. We know there are bugs and if you think you have found a new one, we would encourage you to report it.

What does it look like?

Take a look at the screenshots:

matchbox-desktop-2pimlico contactsbasic web browserpimlico dates

Why green?

What colour would you prefer?

How can I try it out?

The sources are available from the Poky Linux site, but it is included in the latest Poky release which is probably the best way to try it out.


7 thoughts on “Sato Has Landed!”

  1. I notice there is a build for the n800 tablet, any possibility of one becoming avaialbe for the n770? My understanding is the hardware is pretty similar, just the n800 is a bit faster/more mem/+camera.

    I would love to try this out, i think it looks great.

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