OpenMoko Dates – First shots!

In the o-hand tradition of stealing people’s thunder, I present to you the first screenshots of openmoko-dates running on the Neo1973.

screenshot-openmoko-dates-1.png  screenshot-openmoko-dates-2.png  screenshot-openmoko-dates-3.png

Kudos to Chris for getting this major re-factoring working in just a few weeks. We’re still waiting for a few more icons from the OpenMoko designers, but everything apart from the week view is now in place. If you would like to test openmoko-dates yourself (assuming you have a build set up), just run “bitbake openmoko-dates2” then copy and install the resulting ipkg onto your Neo1973.

11 thoughts on “OpenMoko Dates – First shots!”

  1. That looks good, but may I suggest changing the colour used for the name of the month, day, and week?
    Right now, the solid orange makes that information look extremely important, which is very distracting – especially combined with that orange is the same colour used for the selected date. Granted, this is the scheme that calendars tend to go with, but some fiddling may serve it well.

    Also…: Two buttons with the same icon (Home). Someone needs to fix that 😉

    Otherwise, excellent! This looks like really sleek.

  2. Hey Thomas,
    This looks really good. Just a simple question: How do you change the start and end date when editing the event in the screenshot to the far right? If it is by text input, I would suggest making it possible to pop up the calendar and choose dates. Just my 5 cents!

    Great to see the OpenMoko-platform moving forward, I can’t wait to get my hands on one when gta02 is out!

  3. Is the black-and-orange color scheme giving anybody else headaches? 🙁

    I’ll be the first in line to buy a production OpenMoko phone, and I might even write apps for it, but I’d sure be happier about it if its new interface was designed by somebody who wasn’t colorblind.

  4. Nice, clean design, but I agree with Tim on the colors… at minimum, I hope there will be an alternate color scheme included with OpenMoko that can be changed in the settings somewhere…

  5. Go OpenMoko!

    Some suggestions..

    – The orange as background color for the days is a bit strong, and it should be different from the busy day color.
    – Where are the other views (day, month, week)
    – Why there is change start/end, I would expect an embedded calendar widget when I tap on the date.

  6. Wait a second– those orange/black colors are SERIOUS?!! I thought this whole time it was some kind of Halloween tie-in.

    😉 Yeah, they better have another theme 🙂


  7. Looks sweet…are there any plans for a google calendar style ‘quick add’ box where I can type ‘review meeting tomorrow 7pm’ and it would let me confirm it had guessed right?

  8. Too much gradients, bad colors (generally it’s too much orange, and also “combobox” dropdown widget is ugly…)
    When I get this, I’ll work at GUI style at the first place…
    Generally, i like the layout, it’s nice. But i wonder if i can change button sizes…

    Will it be possible to use different GTK engines? And is posible to change colors/icons without messing with code/config files (= can normal users do something about graphics?)

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