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Hoorah! I’ve just added gtk-doc support to libmokoui2 and completed documentation for the existing widgets. Most importantly, this means you can now browse and search the documentation using devhelp.

libmokoui2 is a set of widgets useful for implementing user interfaces for the OpenMoko platform. We’ve taken a slightly different approach to other UI libraries and rather than create a frame work with lots of abstraction and overhead, we’ve created a light and flexible companion to GTK+ that helps application authors match the OpenMoko style. Keeping the library and style of OpenMoko within the limits of GTK+ has meant that we have kept the learning curve to a minimum and have not had to create nasty hacks and workarounds to implement the design.

The number of widgets and functions in libmokoui2 is currently fairly small. We are only adding widgets and functions once it becomes apparent that multiple applications would take advantage of them. This way we can keep the size of the library down and we will have more experience of the real world application of widgets or functions before they are added. As well as keeping programming overhead down, this approach has also been really successful in keeping our code maintenance and bugs to a minimum, saving on the time and money invested.

2 thoughts on “libmokoui2 documentation”

  1. Really awesome, good to see you making progress that really benefits and adds to community involvement. Seems like a great way to build a ui library.

  2. Thanks !
    This really helps me to get a feel of how the UI works without having to download all the code and scan through it.

    Great keep up the good work !

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