The Parsing

I’ve been a bit quiet on the theme editing front lately, but I have been making progress. I realised that at some point people are actually going to want to edit existing pixmap themes, so rather than making bold decisions to make creating and editing easier I have decided to concentrate on making something that will be immediately useful. So I sat down and ripped off most of the theme parsing code from the pixbuf engine. I also rearranged the internal data storage of the theme editor to use the same structures as the pixbuf engine. The result is that I can now load and display all the information from an existing theme. There are still a few odd quirks, but when it works it does work…


I have even added recent files support with a little guidance from Emmanuele (I got tired of navigating to ~/.themes/foo/gtk+-2.0…). Next thing on my to do list is to clean up the source file structure, autotool it and then have a go at creating my own Subversion repository on Of course, that is also dependant on finally picking a name for the project. I liked “Artisan” from the previous suggestions, but I am not sure it has quite the right feel to it. Following the discussion I had about micro branding with Emmanuele, Chris and Rob at work, I now feel obliged to call it something like “ThemeKit” or simply “Theme Editor”, but that may be a little too generic. Seeing how I just announced a proposal for OpenMoko and named it PhoneKit, I could also be accused of being rather unoriginal in my naming.

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